Week 9

Australians know for its unique flora and fauna. Our separation from Gondwana millions of years ago gave Australia some of the widest diversity in ecosystems compared to the rest of the world. Even the abiotic factors within Australia are so different; from our dry grass deserts, to the great coral reefs along the eastern coast.

The formation of the different mountains in Australia is astonishing. Being a 5 minute drive away from the Organ Pipes national parks, I take the structure for granted and only see it as an exhausting practice hiking walk. The Organ Pipes, which is a formation “set of basalt columns formed by the cooling and cracking of molten lava”(Parks Victoria).

There is so much knowledge one can gain on the formation of what most think is a ‘normal’ mountain. If we can start our students out small, maybe with basic volcano experiments, then one day we might create future scientist that will discover even more that will help sustain the world we live in.


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