Week 8

Week 8 was all about energy. Energy is what makes everything happen, from the simple movement of breathing, to riding a bike and to operating a factory. The universal measurement for energy is joules. One Joule is the amount of energy needed to lift a 100g object a distance of 1m on Earth (given the gravity on Earth).

Every living creature; human, animals, plants and every living organism; use energy and have their own process on how to do so.

And that is where the concept of Biodiversity comes in hand. Biodiversity refers to all living creatures. It is the makeup of the world we live in, when the word is broken up into 2 we get a basic definition of, the study of living organisms and their differences.

Within one species you can get so many variations, their slight differences are how they’ve slowly transformed to survive their habitat. Below is a screen shot of the National Geographic biodiversity game. This is the description attached

Below are eleven boxes containing icons that represent plants, animals, and other major categories of living things. Match each icon to the appropriate number representing the amount of identified species within that category of life by dragging and dropping the icon into the square above the number you think is correct. When you have placed all 11 icons, correct answers will be outlined in green and incorrect answers in red. Continue to shift around incorrect answers until all are correct.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 5.02.39 pm.png


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