Week 5

Week 5’s lecture was a continuation of waste. We discussed the factors of organic an inorganic waste.

Organic waste is all the organic materials that are no longer needed such as food scraps, plant clippings, and sewage. To some extent these waste products are okay for our ecosystem since they are biodegradable, however in excess they’re not always good. When Green waste is placed in land feel it can become toxic. The decomposition it great amounts lead to the creation of methane that is harmful to the earth.

Inorganic waste is everything else that is not organic materials. For example nuclear waste, glass and E-waste. This waste is the cause of many pollutants and is hazardous towards the earth.

A way in which we learnt to combat waste pollution was discussed on this weeks lecture, a worm farm! Now this is great for me since my report is based on the creation of a worm farm. This has been a very interactive experiment to do through the past couple of weeks and it would be a great thing to introduce into a primary classroom. You help create an ecosystem that needs you to survive. It also produces worm tea, which is so beneficial to help enrich soil.

This experience is so insightful. Knowing that such a tiny creature has such a great impact on the way we live. If we’re able to use these findings to help better the earth, then why not?

Till next week, stay sustainable!



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