Week 4

We as Australians are a very wasteful country. When we no longer want something we simply throw it away. The concept of waste doesn’t stop at things like rubbish and landfill and according to this weeks Wednesday lecture there is so much more to consider…

  • Gaseous – emitted into the atmosphere
  • Nuclear/radioactive waste
  • Solids – metals, glass, plastics, paper, cardboard, concrete, fibres, other general household items
  • Liquid – oils, other chemicals, sewage
  • Organic – from living things
  • Green waste – garden clippings
  • Food waste from kitchens and restaurants,
  • Agricultural – pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides, manures, food waste
  • E-waste – computers, copiers, mobile phones, printer cartridges, TVs
  • Chemical/hazardous waste – batteries, paints, household and garden chemicals


In order to care for the world we inhabit we must change the way we think, get children involved and show them how we can make the difference. Children are so raw, emotional and innocent. They have a different outlook on the world that is so positive and beautiful, if we can inspire them to make a difference they might be able to grow up with them beliefs instilled in their minds and they can make a change.

This link I’m attaching bellow is an eye opener on how a teachers words on sustainability can impact a child. We can make a difference, even if we’re not ‘scientists’



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