Week 3

All scientists have white frizzy hair, wear glasses and play with test tubes. Okay, maybe that was a generalisation, or a generalisation of Einstein. Scientist is such a broad term. Not one person is the whole true definition of a scientist.

I believe its key for all teachers and future ones to be aware of this. Since we’re the ones teaching the future of our universe, it is up to us to show children the versatility of science. For we might be the one that leads the way for future doctors, dentists, veterinarians, botanists, geographers and the list goes on. Without future studies on the universe the earth will never survive.

However there’s one thing that all the sciences have in common; “All matter is made of particles called ‘atoms’ and ‘molecules’. Atoms are the name given to the smallest particles of matter.” Everything is made up of Atoms, something that may seem so small and insignificant is the reason for everything in the universe. Therefore we need to look at the big picture as a community, no mater how small something/someone may be they have an impact on the earth. From the humble bumblebee to a baby in a mother’s arms, they all have purpose. Therefore we must sustain the world we live with to continue on our future generations.



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