Week 11

Are humans still evolving?

Yet again we are addressing this issue; and after everyone had time to think in the lecture theatre, not one person could disagree. Maybe we’re not changing to a  completely different creature however the small changes are evident over time.

Our world is slowly dying. The way many are living is way above what the earth can provide. All semester we have discussed sustainability, but what about unsustainability? At the start of this year, my lifestyle estimated 3 and a half planet earths would be needed if everyone lived the same way. It isn’t acceptable especially when so little is being done to preserve the earth we live in. As humans we:

  • We extract large flows of materials from the Earth’s crust
  • There is an accumulation of substances created by society
  • We inhibit nature’s capacity to run natural cycles
  • We create barriers to people meeting their basic needs worldwide

If there is one thing I can take away from all my new knowledge this semester, it is that we need to educate. Not just as teachers; but as parents, siblings, elders. if the youth of today can not grasp the concept of sustainability we can not expect the world to survive. It is up to us to start making a change, but it is up to our children to save the world.


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