Week 10

It’s the week of my great biodiversity group presentation. You can find our cool Facebook page if you follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/acubiodiversity/

Informing people on diversity is so important. People need to know that positive changes for the environment will help us to preserve

Are humans still evolving?

We are all said to come from monkeys? It sounds ridiculous and I know I can’t fathom it but if we bring it to something smaller like the finches. Darwin’s theory of evolution shows the change in the finches’ beaks depending on their habitats.


In the end its survival of the fittest.If the world is dominant of one food type then animals adjusted to eating it will thrive and survive, however that will lead in the diminish of animals who are unable to eat that food.

Us humans are very advanced.The technology we have created, from the wheel to the robot, have set us apart from all other species. But we did not start at the top, over time our brains have developed and we are able to come up with new amazing innovations.If we stop educating our children we stunt human brain growth for the future, education is so important to our future because once we’re all gone, what’s left?


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